Quiz - Working with Latino(a) Individuals in Counseling (Sanchez)

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QUESTION 1: Geographically what does the term Latino or Hispanic represent?*
QUESTION 2: Latino(a) share the which of the following in common*
QUESTION 3: In 2016, what percentage of Latino(a) youth ages 12-17 lives in a mixed status family?*
QUESTION 4: Latino(a) make up the nations second largest racial and ethnic group*
QUESTION 5: ___ in 5 children who have been born in an immigrant family may have attachment difficulties*
QUESTION 6: ____ religion is the most popular religion in Latino(a) culture*
QUESTION 7: Negative consequence of parentification*
QUESTION 8: ___ percentage of Latino(a) report not having insurance*
QUESTION 9: Disparity of access to healthcare can include*
QUESTION 10: Helpful therapy strategies can include:*

Satisfaction Survey: "Working with Latino(a) Individuals in Counseling"

Course Objectives: To provide relevant historical and demographic data to increase provider competency. Explore the impact of larger systems on Latino(a) experience and mental health. To increase provider competencies in working with Latino(a) clients in a therapy setting. To increase knowledge of important cultural aspects that may affect our work with Latino(a) clients. Examine ways that evidence-based practices can be used effectively with Latino(a) clients.
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