Quiz - Understanding Generational Trauma & Treating Asian Americans

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QUESTION 1: 1. When did the first Asian American arrive in America?*
QUESTION 2: The term Asian American is replacing the term Oriental*
QUESTION 3: When did the term “Asian American” start?*
QUESTION 4: Define Trauma-Informed Care*
QUESTION 5: Define “Generational Trauma”*
QUESTION 6: 5. Which type of trauma response shows pleasing or appeasing the abuser?*
QUESTION 7: Which type of trauma response is fleeing from the presence of danger*
QUESTION 8: Helpful Strategies can include:*
QUESTION 9: What are some concerns with the term Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI)?*
QUESTION 10:Which minority group is closely related to “Model Minority Myth”*

Satisfaction Survey: "Understanding Generational Trauma & Treating Asian Americans"

Course Objectives: To educate and understand Asian American history. To define who are Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders To understand collectivist culture and generational trauma. To reflect & improve how you work with and treat Asian American clients and/or patients.
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