Quiz - Suicide Assessment Considerations for African American Clients (Adams)

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QUESTION 1:The rate of suicide among African Americans in the United States is:*
QUESTION 2: Suicide is not _______, it is a ________ technique*
QUESTION 3: All of these are appropriate language when talking about suicide except*
QUESTION 4: Why do people die by suicide?*
QUESTION 5: Risk factors include all of these except:*
QUESTION 6: Which of these do we want to avoid when asking about suicide:*
QUESTION 7: In all of the research studies discussed in this lecture, what was the risk factor that is unique to African American clients that kept being mentioned?*
QUESTION 8: All of these are sections of the Stanley and Brown safety plan presented in this lecture besides*
QUESTION 9: Talley and colleagues believed that what needed to be considered part of the suicide conversation for Black boys and men*
QUESTION 10: In the study focused on Black and white adults in the criminal justice system, what was the highest risk predictor of suicidal ideation*

Satisfaction Survey: "Suicide Assessment Considerations for African American Clients"

Course Objectives: Participants will be able to recognize the key warning signs and clues of suicidal ideation. Participants will understand the unique needs of the African American community as it pertains to suicidality. Participants will be exposed to evidence-based suicide assessments and interventions.
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