Quiz - Mental Health from an African Immigrant Cultural Perspective

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QUESTION 1:1. On a global scale, _____ amount of people suffering from mental illness do not seek treatment*
QUESTION 2: Mental Health Challenges such as _____ have an impact on people of all ages and genders*
QUESTION 3: Close to ______ suffer from depression every year*
QUESTION 4: Mental Illness has ___ effects on people*
QUESTION 5: ____ amount of working days go to waste every year due to mental illness*
QUESTION 6: Women are more likely to ask for help when experiencing mental health concern*
QUESTION 7: Mental health can affect a persons:*
QUESTION 8: Mental health and mental illnesses are determined by several psychological, social, and biological factors that determine the onset, prevalence, and course of mental illness*
QUESTION 9: In adolescence, girls display an increased prevalence of eating disorders, depression, engagement in suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts compared to their male counterparts*
QUESTION 10: Mental illness accounts for approximately ______ of disabilities in adults worldwide*

Satisfaction Survey: "Mental Health from an African Immigrant Cultural Perspective"

Course Objectives: To promote cultural sensitivity and awareness when providing services. To identify barriers to mental health services in other countries. To bring awareness of cultural norms in some societies that may differ from the United States.
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