Quiz - Identifying the Strong Black Woman Schema

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QUESTION 1: Strong Black Woman role can be:*
QUESTION 2: Which are two characteristics of a strong black woman*
QUESTION 3: Identify the characteristics to the role of a Strong Black woman.*
QUESTION 4: Maladaptive outcomes of the Strong Black woman schema include all of these except ______*
QUESTION 5: You can hinder the therapeutic alliance by:*
QUESTION 6: therapy modalities that work well with SBW schema:*
QUESTION 7: Which one is an outcome for being resistance to being vulnerable or dependent:*
QUESTION 8: How does obligation to suppress emotions present contribute to SBW schema?*
QUESTION 9: How does obligation to manifest strength contribute to SBW schema?*
QUESTION 10: List one helpful methods when working with black women with SBW schema*

Satisfaction Survey: "Identifying the Strong Black Woman Schema"

Course Objectives: Explain the Strong Black Woman Schema Describe the Strong Black Woman role. Describe the challenges Black woman face and short and long-term effects on their mental health. Identify Interventions to help facilitate the quality of life
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