Quiz - Cultural Considerations When Diagnosing African American Clients

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QUESTION 1: All of these are reasons why we use diagnosis except?*
QUESTION 2: All of these are aspects of conceptualizing a client except?*
QUESTION 3: African American clients are overrepresented in what healthcare setting?*
QUESTION 4: What is the clinical threshold when listening for symptoms a client is describing?*
QUESTION 5: If a client has a history of trauma, they have to be diagnosed with a trauma and stress-related disorder diagnosis?*
QUESTION 6: Post-traumatic stress disorder is:*
QUESTION 7: According to Hudson et al. research study about Black men with depression:*
QUESTION 8: All of these are depression symptoms differences that Walton and Payne discovered in the research study except*
QUESTION 9: One of the key features in generalized anxiety disorder is*
QUESTION 10: E, G, R, Z, and T codes can help*

Satisfaction Survey: "Cultural Considerations When Diagnosing African American Clients"

Course Objectives: This course will help participants learn about the foundations of mental health diagnosis with African American clients. How how race and trauma impact diagnosis for African American clients. Participants will learn about relevant research as it relates to mental health diagnosing with African American clients.
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