Quiz - Counseling African Americans

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QUESTION 1: Intersectionality*
QUESTION 2: Privilege & Unconscious Cultural Bias*
QUESTION 3: What is not a stage in the Cultural Identity Development & Racial Salience*
QUESTION 4: What’s not a reason why African American Clients are not showing up to therapy*
QUESTION 5: During the intake, it’s a great time to*
QUESTION 6: 6. Strengths with the African American community include:*
QUESTION 7: 7. Helpful methods in processing racial trauma include:*
QUESTION 8: 8. Critical Race Theory first started*
QUESTION 9: Being “colorblind” with clients:*
QUESTION 10: Intersectionality was coined in the following year*

Satisfaction Survey: "Counseling African Americans"

Course Objectives: Increasing competencies, knowledge, and skills for the purpose of providing culturally sensitive therapy with African Americans. Highlighting missed opportunities and barriers to connection with African American clients and communities. Broadening the availability of licensed providers equipped to partner with African Americans in their mental health care.
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